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Here is your shopping list while you wait for your new family member to come home. 

We HIGHLY recommend crate training your puppy (see our housebreaking hints page) thus you will need a crate.  30" is sufficient for one puppy, and will suit them through their entire life. 

Travel Crate Blankets, beds, etc.  You will want one or two for in the crate and maybe a bed for somewhere where you hang out a lot!

Dishes.   We recommend Stainless Steel, as they are not pourous and do not harbor bacteria.  Easy cleaning too!

Food.  We feel that diet is VERY important to the health and long life of your dog.  Please discuss the choice of food with us and we can give you information on how to make the choice.  All natural, foods are best for your new Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppy!   We feed Life's Abundance dog food.  You can find out more about the food and order it at www.petneedstore.com

Vitamins.  Even dogs need them!  (See the NuVet Plus page for more info! and on how to order)  All of our dogs are maintained on NuVet Plus Canine Vitamin Supplements Daily.  The difference is in their coat and their health.  These supplements are very affordable and save you money for vet bills!

Treats.  We give baby carrots, plain cheerios and plain spoon size shredded wheat.  Only use natural treats!  Avoid all pig ears and rawhides.  Avoid treats that do not clearly state that they are MADE IN THE USA!  Some of our favorite treats are Tasty Rewards from Life's Abundance and Wholesome Heart dog cookies from Life's Abundance.  You can also order those at www.petneedstore.com

The plain cheerios and tasty rewards serve wonderfully as a housebreaking treat!  Put some in your pocket and when your puppy does his/her business outside reward them with a cheerio or tasty reward to mix it up so they don't get bored!

Collar and lead.  We recommend Lupine.  (We are a retailer of these so if you come here, you can choose from me!)  For sizing on puppies buy the 1/2" width that is 8"-12" adjustable. *Please discuss if you plan to purchase from me so I can ensure I have what you are looking for.

Soft Brush for grooming!   A rake brush is awesome and removes all loose hair!

Shampoo  We recommend the Life's Abundance Shampoo.  I even use it in my hair sometimes.  It leaves their coats amazingly soft, clean and shiny!


TOYS, TOYS, AND  MORE TOYS!  I recommend that you buy toys in every texture you can find!  This way you are meeting ALL the chewing needs that a puppy has! 

Stuffed toys

A Kong toy (put peanut butter in it and freeze, then during times that you have to leave your puppy they will stay busy for a while in their crate) 

Nylabones (they sell these in various textures, get a puppy one that is a little rubbery and then the harder one)

Anything else that you think your baby will want to be happy! 

*Disclaimer:  These are my recommendations.  We feel strongly about nutrition and that is why you will see the recommendations that you do in the food and treat sections.